The W8TVC Repeater is on 145.27mhz (114.8hz pl input and 114.8hz pl output) and is located on a private tower west of Traverse City Michigan. This system if privately owned and maintained. No donations are expected or accepted. As a private system, the repeater owners/trustees have the final say on any use of the system.

It is in place for the use and enjoyment of the ham radio community in the Traverse City area.

The system is also linked on a full time basis to the WI0OK repeaters (444.725mhz & 52.92mhz) near Empire MI.

On Wednesday nights at 8:30pm, the system is also Cross-linked with the 147.04 Crystal Mountain repeater (W8BNC) for the BARF net (Benzie Amateur Radio Friends).  All are welcome to check in.  See: for info on that group.

Dave, W8TVC and Betty, KC8PCQ are the owners of the system
Mike, K8LMJ and John KF8KK are Trustees of the system
All are Vice Presidents of the International Order of Krazies

The system has a 24/7 EchoLink node that is available to local users who are in contact with the owners or trustees of the system. Please enjoy using the W8TVC Repeater, but do so with the the rules in mind.